2019 ERG & Council Conference
"Time for Change"

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Keynotes, Workshops & Concurrent Sessions

Keynote Addresses

Interesting, relevent & timely messages that are intended to educate, entertain and challenge the attendees to reach new levels of achievement.

Keynote Day 2 - The Gender Equality Advantage

Room: Grand Harbor Ballroom South


Many corporations are committed to increasing gender equality in the workplace, but most of the time we think that means simply developing better policies for women. Men rarely see themselves as stakeholders in the gender equality discussion. For more than 30 years, Michael Kimmel has been working with corporations, governments, public sector organizations and NGOs, to engage men to support gender equality. Not only because it's the right thing to do (which it is) or even because it's good for business (which it is), but because it's also good for men themselves. Kimmel also offers a broader discussion of Diversity and Inclusion that shows how greater diversity by race, ethnicity, and sexuality, also benefits profitability and return on investment, corporate culture, and everyone's working experience. Kimmel's keynote presentations, based on his acclaimed TED talk, are by turn humorous, engaging, and entirely evidence-based. Kimmel shows that gender equality is not only right and fair, but it's also smart. It's not a zero-sum, but a win-win all around.


Our four 90-minute workshops provide Employee Resource Group, Business Resource Group and Diversity Council members with an opportunity to take a deeper dive into four of the most challenging topics facing them today.

Workshop 1 - Building Allies for ERGs, BRGs and Beyond

Room: Asbury A

Presented by:PRISM International


It has become increasingly clear that no diversity effort can make it on its own. Even people of good intent find themselves too busy with their own worlds to make time for others. With looming deadlines, complex projects, and teams to manage, being an ally may not seem worth the effort. Consequently, Diversity and Inclusion leaders can sometimes find it difficult to enlist allies, even when they are sympathetic to the cause. Further, there are also other leaders who have never thought of themselves as potential allies, but who have needed skills, perspectives, and influence to bring to the table. The question is, why should any potential ally take on additional responsibilities when they are already feeling as if they are maxed out? Frankly, what's in it for them? In this 90-minute interactive session, participant will examine best practices in finding and building allies for ERG and BRGs. In doing so, they will also examine benefits and risks on reputational capital. Further, session participants will clarify ways in which an ally can gain tangible benefits to their own career while helping others grow.

Workshop 2 - Achieving Strategic Retention through Diversity and Inclusion

Room: Asbury B

Presented by:Association of Diversity Councils


We all know that a strong engagement culture typically results in employee retention, powering an organization to higher levels of success. But what about diversity and inclusion? Do these elements have an even deeper role in achieving what is known as 'strategic retention'; the ability to retain key players that ultimately drive organizational value and growth? During this session, the presenters will explore how organizations are achieving new levels of performance through its people...ALL of its people. Join Cile Johnson, Chief Business Officer for Talent Dimensions, and Lynn Cowart, Chief Operations Officer for Talent Dimensions, as they reveal how a climate of diversity and inclusion is a key driver for an organization's strategic retention efforts, ultimately accounting for its overall success.

Workshop 3 - Becoming an Effective, Impactful Articulate Advocate

Room: Asbury C

Presented by:PRISM International


  • Alan Partin
    Vice President Client Relationships PRISM International, Inc.
  • Bobby Gordon
    Vice President Client Relationships PRISM International, Inc.

In this workshop, you will identify, discuss and practice 10 key diversity and inclusion communication tactics that will increase your confidence, competence and credibility in articulating your organization’s diversity and inclusion process. Sharpen your ability and raise your comfort level with the 4 “I”s – Initiating, Informing, Involving and Inspiring new advocates to join your ERG or Council.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Increase your awareness of individual reactions when talking about diversity, inclusion and your ERG or Council
  • Identify and discuss 10 key diversity and inclusion communication tactics that every ERG or Council leader should know
  • Increase your confidence and competence for responding to questions, issues and concerns
  • Sharpen your ability and raise your comfort level with the 4 "I"s – Initiating, Informing, Involving and Inspiring advocates

Workshop 4 - Choosing Respect in the Workplace

Room: Asbury D

Presented by:PRISM International


The lack of civility and respect are common occurrences in the workplace. Employees who experience disrespectful behavior, say they have decreased their work effort, intentionally decreased the time spent at work, decreased the quality of their work, and reported that their commitment, performance, creativity and engagement declined. The bottom line: disrespectful behavior in the workplace is expensive and prevents inclusion.

In this session, participants will...

  • Understand how professional, respectful behavior relates
    to the mission of your organization and impacts business
  • Define "respect" and identify associated behaviors
  • Understand your role in promoting a respectful workplace
  • Use the strategies and tools provided to ensure that everyday behaviors align with your organizational values to support
    positive business outcomes

Concurrent Sessions

Our eight, 75-minute concurrent sessions reflect the areas in which ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils desire clearer understanding, greater insights, knowledge, skills and proven examples of best practices. They are led by some of the most respected and accomplished D&I organizational leaders and recipients of past years' Honors Awards.

Conference attendees share their thoughts about Conference take-aways.

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Presented by:

PRISM International

Association of Diversity Councils