Get the Conference App


No App Install required!

image of app on smart phoneThe mobile app is HTML, which means there are no app store downloads necessary. Access your app through your device's browser. A link has been provided in your confirmation email or you can access using the link below. The app works when your phone is connected via 4G or LTE and when it is connected via Wi-Fi.

Use your email address and the password created during your registration process to;

  • See the daily agenda
  • View your customized agenda
  • Retrieve speaker handouts and presentations*
  • Get up to date notifications about the event

*When provided by the presenter

This mobile enhanced web app needs to be connected to the Internet via Wifi or your mobile data provider in order to work.

  • DO NOT USE the browser's BACK button. Use the navigation tools within the app.
  • The menu icon in the lower left of the screen displays all of the options in the app!
  • If you are logged in AND you are registered to attend any events in our system, you will gain access to special features reserved for attendees. Tap the user avatar in the upper right to log in and out.
  • iOS users browsing this in Safari may tap the share icon below to save an icon to the home screen. Other browsers also have options to save an icon to the home screen.

To access this information later, simply tap the information (i) icon in the lower right of your screen.