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2021 Application


image of webinar: click to see webinarA combination of survey scores and reporting from the application will be used to select the top 25 and top 10 winners. The three-step application process is explained below.

The 2021 awards application is closed. Go here to see the 2021 award recipients.

Watch a pre-recorded webinar: How to apply for the Diversity Impact awards

2020 Applicants may use their previous login credentials to access the 2021 Application process.



Only one individual should submit the application. Choose one of 3 different types of awards:

  • Top 25 ERG Award for one ERG (sample PDF*)
  • Top 10 Strategic or Enterprise-Level ERG Award for overall ERG program (sample PDF*)
  • Top 10 Diversity Award non-ERG work (sample PDF*)

* Sample PDF is provided for review of application requirements and questions, or to use as a template before completing the online application. PDF versions are for information purposes only, you must complete the online application to be considered for an award.

For each award, briefly document your group's success or excellence story (activities, initiative).

  • Document why you think your group deserves an award for diversity actions (either through your ERG work, overall strategic ERG initiatives at the enterprise level or a non-ERG diversity program).
  • Impact mapping - map out how the work you did impacts individuals, your company and/or external stakeholders.
  • Utilize new impact model that focuses on nine categories: 3 for the individual impact, 3 for the organization impact and another 3 for external impact.
  • The focus of your application can be on overall achievement (can span multiple years) or a new initiative that you implemented over the last year.
  • The goal is to recognize actions that lead to new learning and best practices.

2020 Applicants may use their previous login credentials to access the 2021 Application process.

After you fill out the application, we will provide everything you need to administer a simple survey:

  • If applying for the Top 25 ERG Award, a survey link is sent to ERG members.
  • If applying for the Top 10 Strategic or Enterprise-Wide ERG Award, the survey link goes to ERG leaders across ERGs.
  • If applying for the Top 10 Diversity Award, a survey link is sent to a sample of managers in the company or business unit. An on-line calculator to determine sample size is included.

Added value of survey is company-specific data with benchmarking for your leadership team.

All Survey entries must be submitted by July 1, 2021 8:00pm EST

Part of the core application includes an option to upload a 3-minute video. This is optional but the video would be another way to share your story.

Directions for uploading the video are on the Upload video tab on the application. You can do it any time before the application closes because you can go back into the application, navigate to the upload video page and then upload.

In the application, each contestant writes a narrative about what an individual ERG, their ERG program or their diversity group did that they consider worthy of an award. Additional questions about the activity and the impact of the initiative are all part of the application. The 3-minute video is your chance to supplement the core story.

The 3-minute story does not have to be a professional video; in fact, we expect most or all will not be. You can do a selfie video on your phone and tell your story. You can use a webex, zoom or a comparable webinar tool, get your team on line, and tell your story together - just record and submit the document.

We want you to have fun with this part of the application. We know many of you are working at home, and nothing is as easy as it was even a few months ago. We don't expect a professionally edited video. Enjoy and let your creativity flow!


How to Apply for the 2021 Diversity Impact Awards